Tru-Smoke mod for pot continued

So after giving it a go I noticed you can’t put that much pot in otherwise it doesnt seem to work well.  I started messing with it to see if maybe I could mod it to get the coil hotter and have more range.  Below are some photos of what I did.

Start with a little piece of wire that will conduct electricity.


Piece of conductor wire

Then use a pair of pliers and bend the wire around the coil and make it like and antenna.


Extending the coil

And that’s it, now if you did it correctly the wire will get hot and you can vape more herb,. but becareful over due it and you will burn out the coil.  i did this.

Tru – Smoke mod for pot

Has anyone else seen or tried to this mod for a pot vape? It is pretty easy to do this mod, it isnt actually and modding required.  Probably the most easy DIY e cig mod for pot I have found.  There are so many advantages to this mod and its pretty cheap.

Tru - Smoke mod for pot

Tru – Smoke mod for pot


I recently saw a write up on how you can mod this brand super easy to vaporize pot.  Apparently most e cigs can do this but require some dis assembly and a few tools.  If you are not so handy or don’t have the tools give this one a shot.  It even comes with an empty filter in the starter kit, just put some pot in there you are all set.

tru smoke vape mod for pot

Common e cig atomizer vs. tru smoke

Notice how one has a built in atomizer and the Tru – Smoke one doesnt?


Pros to e cig mods for pot

- I noticed I didn’t feel like i needed to hide it when I was walking on the street.

- Its much easier to pack this up then go out, just fits in your packet

- No more clunky bowls or broken joints

- Also there is way less smell and you don’t have to worry about people staring at you for smelling like marijuana

- If you don’t smoke in the house or worried about your neighbors this is a good option

Will follow up after I test this out a little more.

**Update I recently went back to the TRu Smoke to grab another pack and noticed that it says sold out but it still took my order. Go here if you wanna try it.


New marijuana e cigs

I saw the stupidest thing today, the new marijuana e cigarette wtf. I was like looking areond for how to use my e cig as a weed vaporizer on google.  I was searching and looking for some good info and shit and say a post about this.  HAHA I was like for real? wtf is wrong with people. Who would buy this shit?

Everyone knows what an e cig is, a liquid nicotine vape awesome. Can use it to vape your pot, double awesome. Used to be like tobacco or menthol flavors, now you can get grape or cherry or wahtever the fuck you wants.

But now someplaces have marijuana flavored! filters, WWWWTTTTTTFFFF~~~ no weed just taste and smells like weed. Ok so the point is.??????!?!?!? So you can go stand on the corner and look cool until the cops come for no reason?  I mean you put your vodka in a sprite bottle and drink when you go out, you dont put sprite in your vodka bottle and drive around drinking it right?

I mean for reals., would you put on marijuana spray before you get on a plane?  So im lok who the fuck wnats this shit? Then baMMM! I found this post by this idiot, He shows you how to take a piece of paper and make your e cig look like a joint.  Seriously wtf, thats exactly what I wants to do.  Take my weed and put it in an e cig to look discrete so I can smoke it in public and shit and then make it look like a joint.  They already invented this shit, its called a joint!, wtf……

I gotta get one of these new marijuana e cigs to review and give my friend for a gift, maybe I will even make it look like a joint and give it to him to match his odooles, wussy!


Hey Man!

This is the Best Ecig Mod Kit blog.  A blog dedicated and made for those of us who want to mod our ecig so that we can smoke pot with it.  This is a great way to smoke in public without the cops and others knowing that we are doing it.

It’s totally awesome!